Catholic Music 2008 CD

 Catholic Music 2008

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Disc One: PRAISE Disc Two: WORSHIP
1. Barely Stay in My Own Skin (Ceili Rain)  LISTEN
2. Satisfied (Joel Stein)  LISTEN
3. Alleluia (News at Eleven)  LISTEN 
4. Traces of Jesus (Dan Duet)  
5. Blueprints (Chris D'Alfonso)   
6. Everlasting (Sean Clive)  LISTEN 
7. Great Divide (Mike Mangione)   
8. Live Life in Christ (Ned Tonner)  
9. Completely (Critical Mass)   
10. It's Time (Last Day)  LISTEN 
11. Holy, Holy, Holy (Teresa Smith) LISTEN 
12. Maybe Someday (Rise)  
13. Frozen Life (David A. Vogel)   
14. Fill Me Up (Paul Harrigan)  
15. Pride Can Be Dangerous (Xalter)   
16. Holy Thursday (Nick Alexander)   
17. Glory Be (Servant Song)   
1. Amazing Grace (Susan Bailey)   
2. Now You Come to Me (Kitty Clevelend) LISTEN
3. Psalm 123 (Valerie Von Fange)  LISTEN 
4. Jesus I Trust in You (Donna Lee)  
5. Miles Away (Simonetta)   
6. You Are Mine (Angelina)   
7. Into the Air (Annie Karto)  LISTEN
8. Say Amen (Amanda Vernon)  LISTEN
9. Your Love Will Never End (Margo B. Smith)   
10. Somewhere on a Cross (Deacon Anthony Silino & Sherry Ottoson)   
11. Life After Death (Gretchen Harris)  LISTEN
12. Together We Stand (Gerry Brown)   
13. Walk on Water (Fr. David Hemann)   
14. Jesus is Here (Celeste Zepponi)  
15. Embrace the Cross (Lorraine Hartsook)  
16. In the Loveliness (Nancy Scimone)   
17. Ave Maria (Trish Foti Genco)  LISTEN